P. Family

When friends become family, they look like this.

I could go on about how wonderful, kind and sweet this family are.  How the Mom and I exchange texts daily, over and over again, when its far easier to call, but you know by calling you won’t put the phone down for an hour, so texting is safer :).  How my kids have legit arguments over their daughters.  Mainly, it starts with my daughter saying something about one of their girls, (it could be what their fav color is, or what they had for lunch) and my son thinks he knows them better and then the argument start!

They are pretty awesome and we are so lucky that we get to see them on a daily basis.


D. Family

So much to love with this session!  The adorable kids, how happy everyone was, their gorgeous house and the most important thing, their Mom is my cousin, so we get to catch up and I get extra hugs from her kids.


C. Senior

This beautiful girl will be off to college in a few weeks, embarking upon a new and exciting chapter in her life.

She has a subtle cool vibe about her, not needing to be loud or over the top to get attention.  It’s this quiet confidence which will help her make new friends and hopefully not miss home too much:(  She will be saying goodbye to her loving parents and brother who I had the pleasure of spending time with during her session.  Her brother decided to talk with an impressive English accent for the whole time and made us all laugh so much that the time went by so quickly!


S. Family

We squeezed this photo session into the very end of last year.  I don’t normally do photo sessions between Christmas and New Years, but when a friend calls and asks for a time slot as her sister is in town with her family, I couldn’t say no.  They wanted to do a combined family session as a sweet gift to their mom.  Who would have thought that the weather would have been so lovely over winter, but we were lucky.

Both the older cousins wanted to give plenty of hugs to their younger cousin, and she was only too happy to receive them!  They were all so happy just playing with each other!

B. Family

This family also wanted photos for their family Diwali cards and also Christmas cards.

Last year, the youngest had a high fever, this time around everyone was healthy, happy and ready to go.  The oldest was especially ready…he knew the poses he wanted to do, had that sly smile and moody look on cue and was all model for me.