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S. Family

We squeezed this photo session into the very end of last year.  I don’t normally do photo sessions betweenView full post »

A walk in the park

I love these boys, and their Mom.  We have been friends for quite a while now, so this session was less work and moreView full post »

P. Family

Wow, these kid have grown since I first photographed them a couple of years ago!   This time around we went for a ruralView full post »

C. Family

We had planned this shoot for a few days earlier, but it was cloudy and gloomy.  After talking to the Mom and tellingView full post »

B. Family

Lets talk props, more specifically balloons.  I have a love/hate relationship with them.  They look great in photos,View full post »

Sweet Senior ’17

Introducing this well rounded senior.  In the few hours we spent together, it was hard to miss just how lovely herView full post »

P. Family

These girls have grown into wonderful young ladies since the last time I photographed them.  I can’t wait until IView full post »

V. Family

Rewind to when I first was starting out and these boys were one of my first clients.  We went back to the originalView full post »

S. Family

These boys had fallen asleep on the car journey to this location.  It took a couple of minutes for them to wake up andView full post »

B. Family

How does this Mom do it?  She works as a dental hygienist, runs a business, has 3 boys, and looks fabulous while doingView full post »

Meet the teacher

Meet this lovely family.  The mother is my son’s teacher.  She is the kind of teacher that he will remember forView full post »

D. Family

Rather than sending out Christmas cards, this family of 4 decided to send out Diwali cards.  She just wanted photos ofView full post »

Senior – East meets West

Meet this stunning senior girl!  Her eyes, her hair, her grace….all of it just beautiful, inside and out. SheView full post »

W. Family

They are back, the quintessential all American family!  Absolutely lovely to be around.  The kids are sweet, happy andView full post »

L. Family

Sounds strange, but I rarely photograph families with just girls, most of the families have a sister/brother combo orView full post »